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Historical highlights of the
Oklahoma Psychiatric Physicians Association

From 1930 to 1946, numerous small gatherings of those interested in psychiatry and neurology took place. However, no definitive effort was made to form an organization.

In 1946, the Tulsa Academy of Neurologists, Psychiatrist and Neurosurgeons was founded. Arnold Ungerman, M.D., was elected President.

Coyne Campbell, M.D. and Charles Rayburn, M.D. called a meeting of interested physicians to discuss the possibility of establishing a state organization of psychiatrist, neurologists and neurosurgeons. The first meeting was held in Oklahoma City on August 20, 1947. Those present at this organizational meeting were:

Coyne H. Campbell, M.D., Oklahoma City
Arnold, Ungerman, M.D., Tulsa
Thomas Turner, M. D., Tulsa
J. H. Parker, M.D., Oklahoma City
Harold B. Witten, M.D., Norman
Hugh M. Galbreath, M.D., Oklahoma City
Paul Gallagher, M.D., Shawnee
H. L. Johnson, M.D., Fort Supply
Henry Turner, M.D., Oklahoma City
Charles A. Smith, MD., Oklahoma City
Ben Bell, M.D., Oklahoma City
Harold W. Hackler, M.D., Norman
Moorman P. Prosser, MD., Oklahoma City
J. A. Reiger, M.D., Norman
Harold S. Binder, M.D., Oklahoma City

Election of provisional officers was held and a constitutional committee appointed.

On November 14, 1947 a constitution was presented and approved.

At the May 20, 1948 meeting, Charles Rayburn, M.D., proposed the new organization be named The Oklahoma Society of Psychiatrists and Neurologists. The new name was adopted.

Dan Blain, M.D., Medical Director of the American Psychiatric Association, met with the Society and recommended it consider reorganizing to meet American Psychiatric Association standards for an affiliate society. He further recommended the Society join with other states to form a voting association. G. Wilse Robinson of Missouri asked the Oklahoma Society to join with the states of Missouri and Kansas to form the Mid-Continent Psychiatric Association.

On May 26, 1950, the Oklahoma Society was provisionally accepted as an affiliate of the American Psychiatric Association. The Society joined the Mid-Continent Psychiatric Association.

In 1953 the suggestion was made that the Society withdraw from Mid-Continent Psychiatric Association to form a district branch.

On May 19, 1954, the Society officially converted to the Oklahoma District Branch. However, the Society will still meet jointly with Society of Psychiatrists and Neurologists.

The Oklahoma District Branch officially incorporated on October 9, 1964. Articles of incorporation were signed by Frank Adelman, M.D., Jay T. Shurley, M.D. and Charles E. Smith, MD.

The Oklahoma District Branch voted a name change on May 3, 1985. The organization became known as the Oklahoma Psychiatric Association, a district branch of the American Psychiatric Association.

A second name change was approved by the membership in April, 2001. In order to recognize that psychiatrists are physicians, the word "physician" was added to the name of the organization. Today, the Oklahoma Psychiatric Physicians Association, a district branch of the American Psychiatric Association is over 250 members strong, and growing!


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